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Keep Fido and Fluffy’s smiles spotless and healthy with regular teeth cleaning by Dashing Dogs Dental

Have you ever taken a look inside your pet’s mouth? If you haven’t in a while, you should do it now.

Dental care is an integral part of our personal grooming and health – and the same goes for our pets too. In fact, maintaining good oral hygiene is just as important for your dog and cat as it is for the rest of your family.

Preventative methods are key to lessening the risk of oral health issues. There are a number of  options you can use to help your dog or cat and take care of their teeth at home, including daily brushing and pet dental products (that are specially designed to be safe for cleaning your pet’s teeth), to help maintain their teeth and gum health. 

However, if you are seeing brown or yellow build-up on your cat’s teeth, or if you’re noticing a stench coming from your dog’s breath, it’s time to take them in for a dental cleaning with a professional, such as Dashing Dogs Dental, which offers professional teeth cleaning services for dogs and cats across the Metro Vancouver area and beyond. 

Here’s why you should consider professional teeth cleaning for your pet.

Before (left) and after (right). Photo provided by Dashing Dogs Dental

1. Reduce pain

Pets that are suffering from dental disease are living in silent pain. Plaque buildup causes inflammation of the gums around the base of the teeth (or gingivitis), which is a constant source of discomfort. When teeth and gum disease advances in your pet’s mouth, excessive drooling, bleeding, difficulty opening or closing the mouth, and inability to chew hard foods may occur. With proper teeth cleaning care, these problems can be reduced or removed.

2. Eliminate potential health risks

As plaque and tartar accumulate on the teeth, the buildup can lead to dental disease (such as gingivitis) or tooth loss. Without regular teeth cleaning, harmful bacteria can collect in the mouth, which can threaten your pet’s health. 

Bacteria that’s left under your pet’s gum line can make its way into the bloodstream and infect various organs such as the heart, kidneys, liver, and brain. Professional teeth cleaning eliminates potential sources of infection that can lead to serious health problems and damage to vital organs.

3. Get rid of bad breath

Disturbed by your pet’s bad breath? “Doggie breath” is actually not normal – in fact, your dog’s and cat’s breath should not have a foul odor at all. With professional dental cleaning, you can address your pet’s dental issues at its root, which will leave your pet’s breath smelling so much fresher. 

4. Give your pet those bright pearly whites

A professional dental cleaning removes all visible tartar, plaque, and calculus on the teeth, leaving your pet’s teeth looking like new.

At Dashing Dogs Dental, each session lasts up to an hour and includes brushing and polishing of teeth and gums to remove stains, tartar, plaque, and calculus. They handscale the surfaces of your pet’s teeth and the area underneath the gum-line without the use of sedation, which means no recovery time is involved. Dashing Dogs also offers laser services to reduce existing inflammation in the mouth. At the end of the appointment, a pet report card will be issued to pet owners as a review of the session. 

Seana Wade, owner of Dashing Dogs Dental. Photo by TwinLens Photography

For humans, it’s best practice to have your teeth cleaned every six months, and it’s the same for your dogs and cats. By making professional teeth cleaning a regular path of your pet’s grooming and health routine, your pet will always have fresh breath, plaque-free teeth, and a dazzling smile.

Dashing Dogs Dental offers its no sedation teeth cleaning services at multiple locations across Greater Vancouver. Go to to book an appointment near you today. No sedation teeth cleaning is an important part of pet care and is considered cosmetic as it is not performed by a veterinarian. 



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