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Why is it important for dogs to have their own space?

Dogs have been the pets of millions of people for many years. Dogs are considered not only pets, but also full members of the family, therefore, they need a proper place for themselves. It is not about a separate room for a dog, although some active breeds do require a lot of space.

It is enough to create a pet’s own place. Pet stores now offer a variety of products for these purposes: different types of beds, crate covers and bumpers, a lot of toys and even dog blankets that can bring comfort to your dog.

Some owners believe that only dogs of decorative breeds need beds, mats and blankets, while large dogs do not need them. This is a misconception, since even a hunting and fighting dog needs a comfortable place to rest and sleep. A bed is required not only for convenience, but also to maintain health and strengthen immunity:

  • Beds protect dogs from drafts and common cold;
  • Prevent cystitis;
  • Prevent diseases of the musculoskeletal system and joints;
  • Prevent the formation of elbow calluses.

Such a place will allow your dog not only to relax physically, but also to reduce stress. To make it absolutely comfortable, you can put a small blanket, which Saint Ernie – a brand of luxury accessories for dogs, founded in 2021 – has recently begun selling. Now there are many products for dogs in the catalog, including:

  • Dog Beds;
  • Crate Bumpers;
  • Crate Covers;
  • Doggy Den Sets and other pet products.

Saint Ernie offers two branded blankets — one of them is made of 100% organic cotton, and the other is made of 100% merino wool. They also differ in size — one is 100 cm x 70 cm, the second is 120 cm x 70 cm, each is embroidered with Bubble Puppy signatures and the Saint Ernie corporate logo.

Saint Ernie blankets are knitted, washed, pressed, and packed for you within 5 days from the date of order, so you can be sure of their quality. Dog blankets and other Saint Ernie accessories will make your pet’s life comfortable, and thanks to their elegant design they will make your home look aesthetically pleasing. All products can be found on the website.

Every dog deserves a soft and cozy sleeping place. Create such a space for them by choosing Saint Ernie accessories!