Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Denver, CO based Pet Insurance Review is pleased to share that veterinarians have expressed support for its Vets for Pets program. The platform is dedicated to helping the community find insurance for their pets, and it has spoken with numerous veterinarians who strongly believe that insurance would benefit the vast majority of their clients. Unfortunately, vets find themselves unable to make direct recommendations as this is outside their direct area of expertise and they do not wish to lead a client to a bad experience with an insurer (among other reasons). Fortunately, Pet Insurance Review has stepped up to fulfill this need.

As the name suggests, the company’s primary purpose is to help pet owners make informed decisions about pet insurance. While many may assume that the easiest way to find the best insurer is to discuss the matter with their trusted vet, many factors prevent this. However, Pet Insurance Review has developed a new way to connect a clinic’s clients with the information they need about insurers: the Vets for Pets program.
In essence, a vet who wants to help their clients discover the best insurance opportunities at hand can direct them to Pet Insurance Review instead. Vets who participate in Vets for Pets will receive brochures and posters for their clinics. A clinic’s website can also feature a link to Pet Insurance Review, instantly taking clients to a resource that can help them find the right insurance for their cats and dogs. Notably, this resource is offered at no cost to veterinarians and clinics, so there is no impact on their ability to serve their community.

To date, Pet Insurance Review has accumulated an estimated 150,000 insurance provider reviews, testimonials and ratings, and new users now have a wealth of information to sift through when looking for the right insurer. Notably, the platform also incorporates information from other partners that might similarly be able to contribute on this front (such as review authentication services).

Utilizing the platform is a simple matter. Users only have to provide a few details about their pet, such as its sex, breed, whether it is spayed or neutered and so on, following which the Pet Insurance Review quoting engine and marketplace access will generate real-time quotes from around 20 participating insurance providers across the US (with a possible future extension to providers in Canada).

Crucially, the platform is committed to eliminating bias — other competing sites may elect to promote certain insurers based on the highest bidder rather than feedback from clients, but Pet Insurance Review avoids this altogether. The platform says such bias can negatively affect a client, so their own rankings instead rely heavily on feedback from the community itself. As a result, pet parents are more likely to be paired with a provider that meets their needs.

Pet Insurance Review states, “We are unbiased and let the pet parents do the talking. Our ratings are 100% consumer-generated, with a goal to preserve the integrity of the consumer and insurance provider by standing by our motto: By Pet Parents, for Pet Parents.”

The platform’s Vets for Pets initiative was developed by members of the team after they experienced an issue in the Vet Emergency Room. Upon discussing the situation with their vet and conducting further research, they discovered that veterinarians are not allowed to recommend or promote a specific insurance provider. Only individuals or entities holding a valid property and casualty producer license are able to do so. Further, vets prefer to focus on practicing medicine instead of selling insurance — but an insurance policy often plays a crucial role in providing the resources vets need to be effective.

Pet insurance is an essential part of their care, but this responsibility cannot rest on a vet’s shoulders. Fortunately, Pet Insurance Review and the Vets for Pets program are here to help.

Pet Insurance Review is a licensed property and casualty producer in all 50 US states. They are currently in the process of seeking regulatory approval in selected provinces in Canada as well. Find out more about pet insurance here.


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