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If you’re struggling to improve your mental well-being, why not invite a virtual friend to help you on your journey? This list will cover the best virtual pet apps to improve your overall wellness, challenge negative thoughts, and defeat stress and anxiety. Explore these fun self-care apps and take better care of your mind.


1. Finch

If you need a friend to support you on your journey to wellness, you can look after your own virtual pet in Finch. You can change your pet’s outfit and buy many accessories as you progress on your journey.

By completing short challenges, you and your virtual pet can grow together. You’ll first set mini goals, such as making your bed or practicing gratitude, and then gain points in return. Points earned help your virtual pet grow faster and can be exchanged for new accessories.

The app features several short exercises that help to calm your mind, especially if you’re dealing with everyday overwhelm. You can complete short breathing exercises, set meditation timers, or write short journal entries using helpful prompts. Finch also offers a handful of other fun features to keep you motivated, including micro-pets, other pet friends, and a Tree Town where you can invite other people and exchange acts of kindness.

Download: Finch for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

2. Amaru

If you’re seeking an adventure, you can discover new lands alongside Amaru: The Self-Care Pet. The app turns self-care into a game to help you build better habits and a healthy mind.

On your journey across lands, you’ll complete mini-games, explore treasures, and discover items to buy in the shop. By completing different exercises, you can build your Aura, and you can earn self-care streaks.

The short exercises are aimed at practicing gratitude and building mindfulness to reduce stress in everyday life. You’ll also receive messages of encouragement along the way. Most fun, you can play with and feed Amaru—which will build up your Bond level. If you’re stuck on how to make Amaru happier, you can check his status to discover suggestions on what wellness activity to complete next.

Download: Amaru for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Moodee

Understanding your emotions isn’t easy for everyone. Moodee helps you to understand and reflect on your emotions by offering a range of prompts and exercises. Based on your mood, Moodee will offer suggestions to help improve your well-being.

After using the simple mood tracker, you can select from different factors that are affecting your mood, such as health, family, or relationships. After recording your emotions, Moodee provides advice based on your circumstances. Quests fall into multiple categories, including To-Do, Write, and Chat. You can request suggestions from Moodee at any time, and there’s the option to create custom quests.

Over time, Moodee will learn more about you and recognize patterns in your emotions. You can view these over on the Stats tab, which features a monthly report and a full record of your emotions. Here, you can also view your top emotions and a timetable, indicating common emotions felt at different times of the day. If you’re struggling with your emotions, use Moodee to gain a better understanding of your mental health.

Download: Moodee for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

4. Voidpet Garden

Voidpet Garden does a brilliant job of increasing emotional awareness and providing an immersive gaming experience. Every animal is named using a different emotion. You can understand an emotion by seeing how an animal behaves.

By practicing gratitude and questioning negative thoughts, you can grow a garden of plants for the animals to roam in. You can build up each animal, share interests, and send them words of affirmation. There’s a great range of items to collect, including crystals and XP. You can also discover rare variants of creatures.

To grow each plant, you can complete short wellness activities and earn crystals in return. Some of the exercises include Meditate, Think Positive, and Name a Goal. By completing every short activity, you can create a healthier environment for your creatures. Embark on a mythical journey and improve your well-being in Voidpet Garden.

Download: Voidpet Garden for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

5. Wysa

Wysa is an award-winning self-care app with an anxiety chatbot and mindfulness exercises. The app offers a space to chat about your emotions with a cute penguin without any privacy concerns. There are also a handful of mindful exercises to help you calm down during stressful periods.

No account is required—simply add your name, and you can begin chatting to Wysa for free. While there are some important factors to consider before using chatbots like ChatGTP for mental health advice, Wysa serves as a helpful tool if you can’t afford therapy.

Using the chatbot feature, you can talk to Wysa anonymously about any struggles you may be facing. There are also guided conversations to help deal with more specific issues, such as low energy levels and unhelpful thinking habits. As part of each guided conversation, you’ll respond to simple multi-choice questions. Then, Wysa can provide tailored advice based on your responses.

If you’re dealing with mental health issues but have nobody to talk to, Wysa is a reliable and effective way to help you cope with your emotions.

Download: Wysa for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

6. Amaha

Amaha is a self-care app built by trained psychologists to improve your overall well-being. There are several exercises built on different aspects of well-being, including managing anger, overcoming depression, and improving your sleep.

During the app’s setup, you’ll complete an assessment to describe your symptoms and rate your current levels of well-being. Amaha then gives you a personalized self-care plan to begin your journey to better wellness. There are a variety of resources you can explore, including activities, short courses, and a guided journal with daily prompts.

Allie is the app’s self-care AI assistant to help you deal with mental health challenges. After describing what issues you need help with, Allie will provide strategies and guide you through relevant exercises in the app. The chatbot also features a dark mode and other settings to improve accessibility, such as changing the font size.

Download: Amaha for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

Improve Your Well-Being Alongside a Cute Friend With These Apps

Overcoming mental health challenges is rarely a habit that can be achieved by yourself. Having a virtual pet friend can help you process different challenges if you’d prefer not to discuss them in person. Enjoy your journey to better health and well-being with these entertaining apps.


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