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When the weather heats up, suddenly the world feels a little less comfortable. That’s true for dogs too, and they have a fur coat to contend with. If you’ve noticed that your furry friend is always panting and can’t settle down, a cooling pet pad can be a game changer.

Cooling pads for dogs can help regulate your pet’s body temperature, all while providing a cushioned place to lie down. They can be used in place of a bed or act as a cooling liner for your dog’s favorite spot to hang out, whether that’s the couch, the dog bed, or the car seat.

To help you keep your pup comfortable in the heat, we set out to find the best cooling pads for dogs currently available. We scoured the market, reviewing customer feedback and evaluating products based on effectiveness, comfort, ease of cleaning, and the all-important “chew-proof” factor. Our overall top pick is the Arf Pets Self-Cooling Dog Mat because it is pressure-activated, long-lasting, and recharges automatically.

These are the six best cooling pads for dogs to keep your pup comfortable this summer.

The 6 Best Cooling Pads for Dogs

Best Overall: Arf Pets Self-Cooling Dog Mat


Perfect for: Dogs under 80 pounds that want to escape the heat indoors, outdoors, in the car and in the crate.

Your Dog Will Love: Its pressure-activated gel beads that last for three hours and start cooling as soon as the mat is stepped on.

The Arf Pets Self-Cooling Dog Mat ticks every box for both you and your pet. Able to support up to 80 pounds, the cushioned dog pad is filled with gel beads that activate as soon as they sense pressure — no batteries, electricity or freezer needed. In other words, your dog will start to cool down the moment they lie down, and you don’t have to lift a finger.

The coolness lasts for three hours, and the gels fully recharge after just 15 minutes of nonuse. Plus, the mat durable enough to be taken outside, sturdy enough to be portable, and easily wipes clean. Some reviewers comment that the pad is thin, so you may want to place it on something soft to ensure your dog is totally comfortable.

Best for Crates: Chillz Cooling Mat For Dogs


Perfect for: Crate-trained dogs that overheat easily and pups that are still getting the hang of things.

Your Dog Will Love: Its rechargeable, pressure-activated cooling beads and comfortable padding.

Available in three sizes, this cooling pad from Chillz acts as a body heat-regulating liner for your dog while they’re in their crate. Padded in all the right places to provide comfort and support, it’s filled with pressure-activated cooling beads that kick in as soon as your pup finds their favorite spot to lounge. They’ll keep them cool for up to three hours and start to recharge on their own once your dog moves around. And if you’re crate training a new puppy, don’t worry. The mat is made from scratch-resistant material and wipes clean if any accidents happen.

What Pet Owners Are Saying: “My pup hasn’t panted once since I started using this,” one dog parent said. “Since the dog crate is right next to my bed, I am aware of the extra noise pup makes when he shifts position on this, but it is better than his panting, especially since I know he is comfortable.”

Best for Small Dogs: The Green Pet Shop Small Dog Cooling Mat


Perfect for: Tiny dogs that need a cool place to chill and find instant relief after long walks or intensive sunbathing.

Your Dog Will Love: The fast-acting cooling beads, which are rechargeable and always ready to go, and its roomy design.

Made for small dog breeds weighing up to 20 pounds, this 15.7-by-19.7-inch cooling mat is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, and it provides a chill place to lounge when temperatures rise. Its rechargeable cooling beads are always ready for action and provide instant relief when needed. Since it’s lightweight and foldable, this highly rated pick easily fits in your bag or car, so you can have it handy when you’re on the move.

What Pet Owners Are Saying: “Our double-coated [corgi] approves,” raved one customer. “He has never slept up on the couch with us; he just gets too hot. Now he’s curled up against me on his pad snoozing away.”

Best for Big Dogs: The Green Pet Shop Extra-Large Dog Cooling Mat


Perfect for: Large dog breeds that overheat easily and need to cool down quickly.

Your Dog Will Love: How spacious it is, which means they can sprawl out comfortably. Plus, its rechargeable cooling beads are always ready to go when things get particularly heated.

Measuring 27.5 by 43.3 inches, this extra-large dog mat accommodates large dog breeds and is spacious enough that they can sprawl comfortably. Like its small-sized counterpart, the Amazon-favorite pad gets its cooling power from rechargeable gel beads, which recharge within 20 minutes of not being used. It will keep your dog cool for up to three hours at a time and works indoors, outdoors, and on the go.

What Pet Owners Are Saying: “My older [lab mix] has some mild hip issues,” one reviewer explained. “I have been taking the mat outside, and she is much more content to lie on it, and doesn’t ask to be let in right away like she does without it.”

Best Orthopedic: Dogbed4less Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pet Mat


Perfect for: Old dogs and pups with achy joints that can’t quite jump onto the couch or bed.

Your Dog Will Love: Its cooling memory foam core, velvety-soft fabric, low-to-the-floor design, and no-slip liner.

Combining the benefits of an orthopedic dog bed with the functionality of a cooling pad, the Dogbed4less Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pet Mat keeps your pup from overheating while supporting their joints. Inside, orthopedic cooling memory foam cushions your dog to prevent discomfort as it regulates body temperature. Dogs will also enjoy its plush-yet-breathable fleece fabric, no-slip construction, and low profile, which prevents injury. It’s also super absorbent to protect your floors from pet messes.

What Pet Owners Are Saying: “Bought this for my 130-pound Newfoundland, [and] I can already see a difference in her; she doesn’t get up like she’s sore anymore,” explained one Amazon reviewer. “She had folded blankets in her crate before but would always shove them aside, [but with] this, she can’t. It also seems to keep her cooler than just the crate bottom; she’s not panting when I walk in the door.”

Best for Travel: Coleman Pressure-Activated Cooling Gel Pet Pad


Perfect for: Long car rides, beach trips, and sleepovers at stuffy places.

Your Dog Will Love: Its fast-acting cooling fabric and how soft and plush it feels.

Ready to go when you are, the Coleman Pressure-Activated Cooling Gel Pet Pad is designed for portability and fast relief from the heat. The cooling dog blanket and pad hybrid, which measures 24 inches wide and 30 inches long, begins comforting your pet from the moment they step on to it, courtesy of its pressure-activated cooling gel liner. You can fold it up like a blanket and easily pack it with all of your other pet travel essentials. And if your dog gets overheated during car rides, lay it out on the seat so they can get comfy.

What Pet Owners Are Saying: “It really works as described,” one customer said. “Once [my dog] lays on it, she stops panting within a minute or two and is obviously more relaxed. We use this thing everywhere: around the house, in her bed, in the car during summer car rides, even outside… So far, it’s been pretty durable.”


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