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Taylor Fritz and Danielle Collins spent all of 2023 playing the worldwide circuit and to say they’re both hyperfocused on their game would be an understatement. “On court I’ve been working on all of the little things to try to get to that next level: my serve, my return, my transition game and my overall physicality,” says Fritz, who’s currently ranked 10th in the world in men’s singles.

Both of the Waterdrop ambassadors are traveling 24/7 year-round, and they agree that staying fit on the road is a perpetual challenge. “It takes a lot of extra effort and a lot of workouts early in the morning or late at night, which is never easy for anyone,” Fritz says. “In recent years, I’ve really dedicated myself to regular workouts even in the days leading up to and after tournaments.”

Collins concurs, saying, “Maintaining my fitness routine while traveling can be difficult, but it’s essential. I usually plan my days meticulously, ensuring that I allocate specific time slots for workouts and practice sessions. Whether it’s using the hotel gym or finding a nearby training facility, I make sure to prioritize my workouts just like I do with my tennis practice.”

Something else the tennis pros agree on: consistency. “Even on busy days, a short and focused workout is better than skipping it entirely,” Collins says. “There is no shortcut. It’s all about consistency and commitment,” Fritz adds.

Ahead, the two tennis players share their must-have fitness essentials, from electrolyte mixers to travel-sized recovery gadgets.

“The Jack Black lip balm is a key addition to my gym bag,” says Fritz. “Not only is it hydrating but it also has SPF, which is important to have while training outside.” Packed with SPF 25, the organic balm is a cult favorite for a reason. It works at soothing and relieving dry lips while simultaneously offering sun protection.

Considering how much time Collins spends outside in the sun, it’s no surprise she invests in a quality SPF. “Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Dune’s sunscreen. It’s a gel sunscreen so it has no white cast and is the perfect texture,” she says. Nontoxic, paraben-free and reef-friendly, Dune sunscreens do a lot more than just protect against UVA and UVB rays: It also evens skin tone and texture, improves elasticity, is ultra hydrating and won’t clog pores.

“I never hit the court without my all-purpose thermal bottle from Waterdrop. It’s vacuum-insulated and [made from] double-walled stainless steel to keep my water ice-cold for 24 hours,” Fritz says. “Staying hydrated is essential, and the tasty dissolvable drops that flavor and enrich the water help me to drink even more.” The bottle has a wide mouth that can accommodate ice cubes and is insulated to keep hot drinks hot for six hours and cold drinks cold for 24.

How does Collins relieve aches and pains when she’s on the road? “The Theragun Mini is the perfect size to keep on hand while traveling and really helps my recovery process.” The smallest and lightest Theragun on the market (it weighs just one pound!), the powerful massage tool has a 120-minute battery life and Bluetooth capability, so it can connect to your Therabody app for personalized routines. Fritz is also a devotee, saying the Mini is a must have, especially when he’s traveling.

“Boss makes a great leather white sneaker that I love,” says Fritz, who is a global ambassador for the brand. “Growing up, I always liked skate shoes. These days, I find myself wearing a lot more of the retro white tennis shoes.” Made in Italy, the high-top sneakers are crafted from calfskin leather.

“Training and matches can take a toll on your body, so I always make sure to have this foam roller with me for recovery,” Fritz says. The Bluetooth-enabled Wave Roller has five vibration frequencies and can connect to the Therabody app, where you can create custom recovery routines.

When it comes to staying hydrated, athletes face an even bigger challenge than the rest of us. “[I start] with single-serve matcha packs so I can have a delicious matcha in the morning wherever I go,” Collins says. “Then in the afternoon, I switch over to Waterdrop Microlytes, which are hydration-boosting beverage cubes with a functional blend of five electrolytes and nine vitamins (and zero sugar!) to support endurance and recovery.” This set of 48 packets includes 12 Melon, 12 Blueberry, 12 Berry and 12 Grapefruit cubes.


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