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On September 6, 2023, Lake Street Capital Markets analyst Ryan Meyers took the initiative to cover PetIQ Inc. (NASDAQ: PETQ) and provided a Buy rating along with a price target of $28. PetIQ stands out as a company that is revolutionizing the way pet health is approached, offering pet parents a more intelligent approach to caring for their furry companions while also delivering exceptional value to retailers. The company’s portfolio includes VIP Petcare, PetVet, and VetIQ brands, which provide comprehensive veterinary services.

To further support pet owners in managing their pets’ preventive care and unexpected expenses across all life stages, Lake Street Animal Hospital offers Pet Annual Wellness Plans. These plans are designed to ensure that pets receive the necessary preventive care while also helping pet owners mitigate unforeseen costs. For detailed pricing information on their services, interested individuals can visit PetIQ’s website.

Additionally, the Boyne City, MI community benefits from the services provided by Lake Street Veterinary Clinic. This separate entity has been dedicated to serving the needs of both pets and their owners in the local area.

Overall, PetIQ Inc. and its affiliated entities are committed to redefining pet health and enhancing the well-being of pets through their innovative approach to veterinary care and preventive measures.

PetIQ, Inc.



Updated on: 07/09/2023

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Date:06 September, 2023

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PETQ Stock Performance: Mixed Results on September 6, 2023, with Promising Earnings Growth

PETQ stock had a mixed performance on September 6, 2023. The stock had a previous close of $19.11 and opened the day at $19.10. Throughout the day, its price ranged between $18.06 and $19.10. The trading volume for the day was 268,969 shares, slightly higher than the average volume of 243,922 shares over the past three months. The market capitalization of PETQ stood at $563.1 million.

In terms of earnings growth, PETQ experienced a significant decline of -192.41% in the previous year. However, the company managed to turn things around and achieved a positive earnings growth of +16.39% in the current year. Looking ahead, analysts predict a modest earnings growth of +8.00% over the next five years.

PETQ also reported a decline in revenue growth of -1.18% in the past year. However, it is worth noting that PETQ’s price-to-sales ratio is relatively low at 0.29, which suggests that the stock may be undervalued compared to its sales.

The price-to-book ratio of PETQ is 2.64, indicating that the stock is trading at a premium compared to its book value.

PETQ reported a net loss of -$48.2 million in the previous year, resulting in a net profit margin of -5.23%. However, it is important to consider that the health technology sector, in which PETQ operates, is often characterized by high research and development costs, which can impact profitability.

PETQ is headquartered in Eagle, Idaho, which provides insight into the company’s geographical presence.

Overall, PETQ’s stock performance on September 6, 2023, was mixed. The company’s earnings growth in the current year and the next five years shows promise, but the decline in revenue growth and lack of profitability are areas of concern. Investors should closely monitor PETQ’s financial performance and industry trends before making investment decisions.

PetIQ Inc (PETQ) Stock Analysis: Positive Outlook and Potential Increase in Price

On September 6, 2023, PetIQ Inc (PETQ) stock had a last price of $18.19. According to two analysts offering 12-month price forecasts, the median target for the stock is $27.50, with a high estimate of $30.00 and a low estimate of $25.00, indicating a potential increase of 51.18% from the last price.

The consensus among four polled investment analysts is to buy stock in PetIQ Inc. This rating has remained steady since June.

PetIQ Inc reported earnings per share of $0.06 for the current quarter and generated sales of $226.8 million.

Investors may be interested in PetIQ Inc due to the positive outlook from analysts and the company’s financial performance.

PetIQ Inc is scheduled to report its earnings on November 9, which could potentially impact the stock’s performance.

Overall, PetIQ Inc appears to be a stock with positive prospects, but individual investors should conduct their own research before making any decisions.


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