Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

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A partnership aimed at improving access to care for animals living in shelters has been announced by Zoetis and Adopt a Pet. With an investment of nearly $1 million, the partnership will also provide more educational resources for individuals caring for these pets in shelters as well as the clients who adopt these animals.1

Veterinarians who specialize in shelter medicine are typically serving individual animals as well as general pet populations. The health histories of these animals are sometimes unknown and may include issues of neglect or abandonment. Potential exposure and increased risk of infectious diseases are also factors in communal settings such as shelters.2

Zoetis, an animal health company whose portfolio includes medicine and vaccines, and Adopt a Pet, a website that advertises homeless pets to prospective owners through a network of 17,000 animal shelters and rescues, share a goal of improving health outcomes for underserved pets in shelters across the country. “When pets get a healthy start in the shelter, we know that health and wellbeing transfers to their adoptive families, allowing the human-animal bond to thrive and create strong, safe and more connected communities,” said Ester Banque, executive vice president and president, US operations, Zoetis, in an organizational release.1

The collaboration offers Adopt a Pet enhanced opportunities to provide education and lifestyle resources to adopting pet owners and the shelter personnel caring for animals, according to Jeannine Taaffe, chief executive officer of the organization. “Having a partner like Zoetis gives us the ability to bring science-based health care solutions to our trusted network of shelters, rescues, veterinarians and pet health experts… Together, we can bring greater awareness to the health needs of pets and ultimately ensure they are set up for success with their adoptive families who will love them unconditionally,” said Taaffe, in the release.1

Through the partnership, Zoetis plans to work directly with certain shelters and rescue organizations in the Adopt a Pet network to host customized events, according to a company spokesperson. These events will include education and products supplied by Zoetis for the veterinary professionals on site to administer to animals in their care. The contributed products will likely focus on parasite prevention care for flea, tick, and heartworm disease.

Additional information about the partnership between Zoetis and Adopt a Pet, including product grant programs that benefit shelters and rescues, is expected to be announced in early 2024.


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