Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

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Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – At least 50 people participated Saturday in Pavitt Health and Fitness’s 17th annual Juneau Trail and Road Runners (JTRR) race.

A 1-mile and a 4-mile took place at Brotherhood Bridge.

Corey Pavitt is the non-managing partner and the founder of Pavitt Health & Fitness.

He told News of the North why they started this partnered race.

“We’re more than just a fitness center. We’re a part of the community and part of the health and fitness community,” he said. “Partnering up with the running club was just a no brainer. A lot of them are members, and a lot of them aren’t. We just like Juneau being active and healthy.”

Joe Parrish is the managing partner. He agreed and added that it also helps out JTRR.

“Supporting wellness and exercise is one way we support the community and working with Juneau Trails and Road Runners, all the registration fees that we take in go back to them,” he shared. “So this is a nice fundraiser that we can do for them and a way that we can support exercise in the community.”

Pavitt said a lot of the runners train year-round for this race, and if someone’s interested in racing next year, now’s the time to start preparing.

“One thing that comes to mind for me is the expression that Strong First which is the organization that I belong to for train coaching is that strength has a greater purpose. The reason why we train all year is not so we can do these impressive things in the gym,” he said. “We train all year so that when we want to go running in April, we can go for a run or a hike, or whatever it is we’d like to do.”

Above: The winner this year of a one-month membership certificate and Pavitt hoodie was Danielle Dunivan. She ran the 4 mile. A couple of others tied with her, who Parrish said they’d also be in touch with. (Photo credit Jasz Garrett/KINY)

Originally, the Pavitt JTRR race was held at Lena Beach. It’s been taking place at Brotherhood Bridge for the past 11 years, which is across the street from Pavitt.

“It’s a perfect thing, all the runners get a day pass. So if it’s rainy, you can come over and sit in the hot tub or sauna,” Pavitt said.

Thankfully, Saturday’s race saw no rain. It did see an influx of younger runners.

“It’s nice seeing all the friendly faces, Juneau’s just that kind of community. But most of all, for me, seeing all the young people today, that was, that was really exciting,” Parrish said. “There’s a really strong youth community here that is into wellness and that is so good for all of us.”

Parrish shared a new addition to the gym he’s excited to see in the coming few weeks.

“A cold therapy pool that we’re putting in right now. I think we’ll be the only one in town with a cold therapy pool,” he said. “We know that hot and cold therapy is really good for recovery. We’re going to have a little celebration and open house.”

Parrish said KINY will do a live broadcast to get people headed their way and they will be doing membership specials for the opening of their cold therapy pool.

“Listen to the radio, and watch our Facebook-we’ll be making a big splash here soon,” Parrish said.

“In addition to the recovery aspect of it, it has a more permanent positive effect on your telomeres,” Pavitt added. “So you’re actually anti-aging by exposing yourself to the stress of the cold temperature.”

Parrish also shared the mission behind Pavitt Health & Fitness.

“As the local gym, we understand this needs to be a place where people feel safe and welcome and aren’t being judged when they walk in,” Parish said. “That’s who we are. We encourage anybody to come in and check us out.”

Below: Keeping track of the runner’s times. (Photo credit Jasz Garrett/KINY)


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