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Month: January 2022

Does Your Pet Rule the Home?

Cats and dogs have been the favoured house pets for centuries and shower us with much affection. A home is not a home without a pet- welcoming when we arrive back from a day’s work or outing. The look of love and happiness in their eyes together with a tail wagging like a whirlwind on your arrival melts the hardest of hearts.

Cats are a little more independent in their ways than dogs are but are still always at the door to greet and make you feel at home as they brush up against your legs… and nearly trip you in their eagerness. Of course, they are only being clever as they want to be fed. kampanye di media sosial This is just in case you have forgotten which is impossible!

Nothing keeps you better entertained than a playful kitten as it gets up to all sorts of antics. Chasing a ball or a piece of string is all part of the fun. Rushing from one corner to the next is usually followed by collapsing on a cushion or your favourite chair. Naturally, you willingly instantly give it up for your bundle of purring fur.

At night time it does the honour of escorting you to bed and often as not joins you either in or on it. Would you have it any other way? To top it all, just as you are about to fall asleep it decides the time has come to go out and become a night owl. Up you get to open a door or window with this followed by a your lying awake waiting for it to return.

Then, there is the choice of which pet food to consider for feeding. All domestic animals have a favourite dish which they gobble with relish. Maybe it

Vaseline Hijab Bright, Hot Body Skin Care Products for Hijabers


Hijab may be a challenge in itself, especially for those of you who live in a tropical climate like Indonesia. The reason is, the hot weather sometimes makes it hot and uncomfortable during activities. However, do not let it interfere with daily activities. Yes, even though they use layered clothing, hijabers are still obliged to pay special attention to the health of the body’s skin, for example by using moisturizers or lotions. Hijab Unfortunately, not a few hijabers are reluctant to use a moisturizer because they feel it will add to the heat and stickiness when doing activities indoors or outdoors. In fact, moisturizer itself is needed to keep the skin hydrated, prevent premature aging, and wrinkles.

“Not a few of the hijabers are reluctant to use moisturizer because they feel it will increase the heat and feel sticky. This is because the evaporation of sweat on the surface of the hijabers’ skin is more limited. In addition, other problems that often arise are unpleasant odors due to the mixing of sweat with bacteria that accumulates under closed clothing,” said dermatologist, dr. Irmadita Citrashanty, Sp.KK, at the launch of Vaseline Hijab Bright which was held virtually, on Thursday (21/10). “Therefore, hijabers need body skin care products that are specifically developed so that they are free from physical stifling while providing freshness throughout the day,” added Irmadita.

To answer this need, Vaseline for the first time in the world launched a series of body skin care products called Vaseline Hijab Bright. Unisma The series of body skin care products is said to be specially formulated for hijab users.

“As the number one body skin care brand in Indonesia, Vaseline believes that everyone has the right to have healthy and well-groomed skin so that they can explore and maximize their potential. This