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Month: November 2017

How to recognize good Pet Friendly Hotels

Over the last decades, the relationship between man and pets has become more and more tight.
If in recent years dogs and cats lived a living outside of their homes, they are now mostly considered family members. For this reason many people carry their own animal with them during the summer holidays or simply for a relaxing weekend.

Until a few years ago, the hotel that could accommodate dogs and cats were really few, so the bosses were faced with a big problem: who would leave the puppy during their holidays? Many families were therefore forced to spend more money to pay a summer pension for their dogs or cats.
In recent years, the situation has fortunately changed. Many hotels have opened their doors to animals  and today vacationing with their dog or cat is no longer a problem. In fact, it’s becoming a normal thing!

But what exactly are a Pet friendly Hotels? For a hotel it is not enough to allow pets to be pet friendly. The location must in fact allow a happy stay to our four-legged friends. Let’s see together what needs to have an excellent pet friendly hotel.

  1. Outdoor space: animals can not read, watch movies or surf the Internet, so if they stay still they get bored. If immobility is a necessary condition during the trip, it can not be during the entire stay in the hotel. For this reason, the hotel has an outdoor space for our animal friends. Most importantly for dogs, who love movement and above all play on the grass with their boss.
  2. Short trips to the hotel: when pets have to do their own needs they can not wait and therefore, if possible, it would be best to reserve the rooms closest to hotel exits to eligible pets.