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Why Screening Aren’t As Bad As You Think

The Need For Employment Background Check and Drug Testing The importance of employee screening and testing cut across all sectors and businesses. It does not matter whether your business is big, medium or small. Employees who abuse drugs are a danger in waiting, and they can paralyze the business operations and even cause harm to other innocent workers. In such cases, the company lands into significant problems, and a legal suit looms. In the end, there can be a cost to the company and also a loss of life. This is the reason why strict measures should be in place to monitor the behavior of workers. Need to do away with bad employees have not been a top priority for many companies. Drug-testing is currently an integral part of many firms’ worker assessment program. We can take a look at some reasons why screening and drug testing are essential. The importance of drug testing – There are numerous significant good reasons for including drug testing in your staff assessment program. Drug-abuse at work can have an enormous effect on the production and security of various individuals. Those who are drug addicts are likely to miss work sessions, and you cannot trust them with work as they can easily commit common crimes such stealing. Plus, substance abusers frequently have poor attitudes thus is could be very challenging to deal with them. Another reason why drug-testing is essential is the fact that individuals who are under the influence of drugs will frequently make mistakes on the job. Such errors can result in massive losses for the company or costly during compensation. Making drug tests, part of employee screening – You should know your state’s regulations on substance abuse. Each state has its rules. Be keen not to confuse choosing the state you reside. Come up with a workable policy on drug addiction for your company. The policy should clearly spell out the timelines for conducting the drug tests. Make sure that all individuals sign a consent form for formal approval. The consent and policy should outline the procedures for testing. Test results must be very confidential so that no other person has power.
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Employee screening for general safety – Performing drug tests in employee screening program safeguards your staff and the whole company. Through selective recruitment of workers who are clean of substance abuse, you make your workplace a safe place, and there is also minimal errors which can translate to severe injuries. Additionally, you will avoid the court battles which are very expensive.
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Several companies usually expose their business operations by hiring such dangerous individuals. It will only cost your business a little cash to have screening and testing. However, you will realize long term benefits. Keep your workplace safe by conducting employee background screening and drug testing.