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Treat the Dog to a Pet Resort

There is a substantial difference between a common boarding facility and a pet resort. Most families place the dog into professional care when they go on vacation. The dog deserves a vacation as well, so plan to spend slightly more money and pamper the pet.

A resort has luxury amenities such as individual rooms and suites, thick comfortable beds, and soothing music playing at night. The indoor and outdoor play space will be huge, and the animal will get one-on-one attention from staff members. Activity packages are offered to suit temperaments and preferences as well as avoid any stress or anxiety triggers for the dog.

Additional Services

Bathing and grooming services, massages, and trendy fur cuts are a few additional services available at resorts. Ear cleaning, nail trimming, and fancy collars can be included as well. Some resorts offer dog training packages. Families can return from vacation to find a well-behaved and beautiful dog waiting for them.

What to Learn Before Making a Reservation

Dog owners will want to schedule a tour to know the differences in accommodation options, view activity areas, and take note of cleanliness. When meeting the coordinator, ask about how staff members are trained and if there are any specialty courses provided for working with different breeds and behaviors. All dogs may not get along, so staff members need to know safe and effective ways to ensure the safety of all guests.

Find out what the emergency protocols consists of in the event of a fire, flooding, or a breakdown of the climate systems. Ask about affiliations with local veterinarians or animal hospitals in case of a medical emergency. It is rare that those such services are necessary, but knowing the protocols will provide peace of mind.

Information and Documentation to Copy

Owners have a responsibility to provide essential information regarding the dog. Most resorts require proof of ownership, shots, and registration. Any identity chips or allergies are important for staff to know. Contact information, such as a cell phone number, the number of the hotel, or an email address will be needed in case the resort manager needs to get in touch with you.