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Introducing Gamification Into The Workplace.

By definition, gamification is the application game mechanics and techniques in areas that are outside the gaming gaming world. It is basically a concept of using game features to attract participation. Gamification is broadly borrowed from the concept of games because video games hold people’s attention. Since gamification utilizes the human nature of the need to be have fun, the phenomena has gained worldwide popularity.

In the world over, many businesses have started a wide application of gamification. Some of the reasons why gamification is being adopted by a lot of organization is the fact that it can be used to add points and also help in the process of setting goals. There also those who are using gamification to transform the weaker social media links into powerful networks.

Over the past decades, there has been implementation of game mechanics and techniques into video games. Gamification were brought about by these changes of the video games. In the video game development process, the developers would come up with a variety of problems that require the player to find solutions. Although it might not have had a huge impact, game developers continued to come up with new problems and also their solutions. This has led to a wide range of video games ranging from Nintendo’s super Mario to metal gear solid and battlefield.

Jane McGonagall is one of the well known game developers. According to this developer, humans can leverage on the various game mechanics and techniques to come up with solutions of the social challenges that are being faced by humans today. Any game according to her normally has four traits. A goal, clear rules, a feedback system, and voluntary participation are some of the traits that a video game should have. These four characteristics can be applied a variety of challenges and are not exclusive to video games.
Three of these qualities have been well mastered and utilized in the various workplaces. Most of the organizations have a well developed way of setting goals, providing clear instructions and also set up systems of getting a feedback. However, a significant problem arises in the voluntary participation of work. Apart from some few individuals who do their work voluntarily, most of the people work because it is required of them to work and do not work voluntarily. This is unlike a game which one plays voluntarily. The gamification concept was therefore introduced to help workers enjoy what they do.

Gamification has a huge potential in the workplace. Employers are likely to benefit from increased loyalty, engagement and productivity. Employees also benefit in that they are likely to work from a more humane work environment.

Although Gaming has various benefits, it is crucial for the organization to ensure that there are clear objectives for coming purchasing the necessary app and a budget for it has been set aside.

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