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Professional Venue Weddings: The Services Available

Weddings take much more thought than just choosing a date, location, and a guest list. Many couples become overwhelmed once they start considering all of the choices they have to make. Even couples that think they know exactly what they want will still have a lot of decisions left once they begin contacting vendors. Here are a few of the options to consider when organizing a wedding reception.

Choosing the Decor

There are numerous decisions to make about the decor even if the venue is already selected. Couples will choose what type of table linens they prefer, what color they should be as well as what type of place setting is needed. It is important to decide if the tables will have only floral arrangements, candles or a combination of both. The florist will need to know if the floral arrangements on the tables should match the bouquets carried by the wedding party or be unique to the reception venue.

Selecting the Food

Is a buffet style arrangement preferred or would a sit-down, served meal be better? The couple will choose a full menu from the caterer and this requires knowing any special dietary needs of the guests. Religious traditions may also determine what the menu should include. Many catering companies also supply servers and bartenders. The wedding planner has to decide if there is to be an open bar or if alcohol should be served at all.

Picking the Entertainment

Music is almost always the type of entertainment chosen for a reception but there is still the option of live music or a DJ. Also, consider how large the dance floor needs to be and what type of lighting is wanted. Should the entertainment areas be combined with the dining and seating area or are separate rooms needed, so conversation is easier for guests that do not want to dance?

A lot of the effort of planning a wedding is removed from the shoulders of the couple when they choose the venue for their event. Many venues now also offer assistance with the planning. They often have a list of preferred vendors and dining and decor options are already available. This simple option takes away a lot of the worry and stresses people feel as their wedding day draws near.