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Behavioral Problems in Dogs Could Signal Health Issues

Dogs are more than just pets in most American households. They are best friends, family members and security staff for the people in the home. They offer amusement, love, and acceptance, too.

As their caregivers, it is important to always be aware of what they need. Sometimes an otherwise wonderful pet develops behavioral issues. In many cases, this behavior is the result of a physical problem the pet is experiencing.

Frequent Bad Moods

A happy, energetic pet that suddenly has less interest in its people any playing is not necessarily becoming anti-social. They may have reduced mobility because they are losing their strength or experiencing some type of issue with their joints.

Something as seemingly simple as flaky skin could lessen their enthusiasm. When small problems go unnoticed they accumulate and lead to a feeling of being unwell, and this can make formerly boisterous and perky pets suddenly sullen and quiet.

Tendency to Ignore

The ability to listen could relate to a hearing issue and not necessarily stubbornness. It may be something as simple as dirty ears that are too plugged for the pet to hear as well as they once did.

Rolling in the grass and walking through fields and woods could potentially cause plant debris to enter the ear canal. Ear issues can become very painful for dogs when they are not properly managed.

Lack of Interest

Slowing down in playfulness and activity is normal as pets move into the senior stage of life, but that does not mean they lose all of their interest in having fun. Dogs that reach this point may not be doing so just because of how many birthdays they have celebrated. Their disinterest could be the sign of something more.

Behavioral issues are not always a matter of a dog not listening or its personality changing. It could mean an undiagnosed health issue is present. Talking to a vet is always recommended when these types of events take place.

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