Information Pets

Backup Your Data and Keep Your System Secure

There’s no such thing as too much online security these days. It seems like there’s a new virus being detected every week. Companies have never been more vulnerable than they are now. Business owners need to take extra steps to make sure they keep their system safe. If an attack makes it through the cyber security system there’s no telling how much damage could be done. Companies that are forced to report a breach often lose the confidence of their clients and business partners. This could end up being more costly than any interruption of operations.

Keeping a computer system secure isn’t easy. Typical security software can stop most any attack, but the definitions and heuristics need to be known in order for the software to detect it. If it’s a new kind of virus, the software will be completely powerless. Firewalls can stop network attacks, but a skilled hacker can make their way through any firewall with very little effort. Business cyber security can only carry a company so far. In order to make sure the software can do its job, employees need to learn good habits.

Passwords are the most basic kind of access control. If employees are using weak passwords, they are putting the entire system at risk. A simple brute force attack will bash through a weak password. Requiring frequent updates and adding minimal requirements to passwords will build the habit of creating stronger passwords and prevent easy access to the system

Network connections are often made vulnerable by disabling firewalls and security software. Employees need to be taught that by disabling this software they are putting the entire company at risk. Everyone should know how important this software is. If employees continue to disable the software, the options to control it can be removed from terminals.

The way data is stored will determine how easy it is to find it. Terminals should have alerts that say backup your data and keep security software on. Once these actions become a habit, the network will become much more secure. Elearning courses and other materials should be made available through the company’s online portal.