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Month: May 2018

“Nicholas Bova” Changed the Game When it Comes to Veterinary Compounding

Veterinary compounding is a sub-specialty of pharmaceutical compounding that is quickly growing in popularity among animal healthcare providers. This solution offers veterinarians the means of more effectively treating animals within their care, as it allows them to obtain medications that have been altered for easier administration, flavored to be more palatable to pets, or adjusted to maintain an appropriate dosage. Read on to find out more about veterinary compounding and the dedicated industry professionals who make it possible.

Veterinary Compounding in Australia and Beyond

Bova Compounding is one of Australia’s most popular veterinary compounding services. “Nicholas Bova”, the company’s CEO, reports that business is booming and with good reason. While pharmaceutical compounding is used commonly in the field of human medicine, it is often difficult for veterinarians to find a compounding pharmacy that will alter or fabricate medications designed for pets.

Over 5,000 veterinarians across Australia take advantage of Bova’s services each year to meet the treatment needs of the pets in their care. The company also recently expanded into Great Britain, allowing even more veterinarians and animal patients to take advantage of compounded medications.

Some Reasons for the Company’s Success

When asked about the level of success his company has recently seen within the veterinary industry, Bova cited the organization’s focus on delivering excellent customer service and responding directly to the needs of veterinarians who choose to work with them. Not only does the company provide a wide range of otherwise unavailable medicines, they do so in a timely fashion that allows veterinarians to treat their patients as quickly, and as effectively, as possible.

Compounding Guidelines

The AVA works hard to ensure that all medicines used in treating animals across Australia are up to certain standards. That’s why they worked in conjunction with Bova Compounding to establish best …